Truth About Car Battery Life

Truth About Car Battery Life

Car battery life usually refers to the period of time in which the battery can be recharged and is capable of retaining the charge applied. When the battery can no longer be recharged, it indicates that the battery’s usefulness has reaches its end. The typical battery life expectancy is approximately three to five years. The car battery life is linked to the amount of current drawn from the battery and the capacity of the battery. Environmental factors such as humidity and temperature can also affect the car battery’s life span.

Tips To Extend The Life Span Of Your Car Battery

There are a number of things that can reduce your car battery life. Some of these things can be avoided by following some tips to extend the life expectancy of your battery. Here are some of the tips that you can use:

Truth About Car Battery Life• Over-charging and under charging reduces the car battery life and void the warranty. So, it is important to check the charging rate at every major service.

• Make sure to regularly drive your vehicle in order to maintain the required level of charge in your battery. Leaving your vehicle stationary for a long period affects your battery’s charge.

• Ensure the case and terminals are checked and cleaned during every major service because dirt may cause your battery to lose charge and can damage your battery case.

• Inspect battery terminals for loose connections at a regular basis. Vibrations can damage the battery plates and loose connections can cause breakdowns, so make sure that battery is secure at all times.

Truth About Car Battery Life• Don’t attempt a jump-start if you have a flat battery as it can damage the electronics in many modern cars.

• Constant recharging may shorten the life of your battery, so don’t leave vehicle accessories on regularly as this will discharge the battery which will then require a recharge.

• A poor engine condition can overload the battery and reduce its life. So it is also important to check your engine regularly.

• Be sure to off the headlights when you park your auto for the night time and keep the stereo off if your cars not running.

Factors Affecting Car Battery Life

Truth About Car Battery LifeBattery Usage

An overused car battery definitely has a shorter life span. Car batteries will drain faster especially if all the battery operated parts of the car remains “on” even when the engine is not running. Switching off your stereo when your car is not running and turning off your headlights when the car is not in use can surely help to extend the lifespan of your battery.


Regular car maintenance can also help in extending the life span of your car battery. The battery terminal and line should be kept clean and maintained to optimally utilize it.


It is important to keep in mind that life span of car batteries can also be affected with the climate you have in your place. When you purchase a battery for your car, you need to choose the type which will work in the climatic conditions of the place. Car battery manufacturer usually include climate specifications which would state the minimum temperature at which the battery will start without giving too much trouble.

Truth About Car Battery LifeBattery Charging Period

The life span of car batteries can also be affected by the periods of discharging and recharging. If you keep on discharging the battery for a very long period, a reaction called “sulphation” will then takes place which will damage your car battery permanently.

Improper placement of the battery inside the car can also affect your car battery life. You need to handle it carefully so that it will not rattle on rough roads. Another thing is that, you need to check the batteries often in order to ensure its optimal performance.